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Monday, July 30, 2012

Some Random Things I've Painted

I wanted to take a couple of shots of models I've painted.  I put together a ghetto photo light box and am pretty happy with the results.  I am by no means a photographer, but I think I've progressed from my grainy cell phone pics!

Here are some random pics...

My custom Salamanders Terminator Chaplain...  total kit bash.  All random bitz box plastic pieces!

I was really happy with how the cape turned out.  The highlights are a little extreme, but it works on a battlefield.

The first three LC/LC Termies.  They are intended to pop out of a LRR and assault.

The other two LC/LC Termies plus a Teleport Homer/Objective Marker.

The Salamanders Rhino...  I'm happy with the flames and the "Igneus" scrollwork, but I don't like the green as much as on the Terminators.

My custom Vindicare counts-as.  I used a Kasrkin model and made the barrel out of copper tubes.

Oh man!  I hope his power pack doesn't overheat...  pretty happy with  the little pick of OSL work here.

I read the Soul Drinkers books and just had to paint myself up a Soul Drinker.  I'm particularly happy with the helmet.