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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Rare Find

I walked into a local hobby store the other day and saw this on the new release shelf... I bought it immediately.  I have no idea how they had one.  These things sold out immediately.

Upon opening the box, I realized there were no sprues.  The model was provided as a random pile of parts and baggies.

At this point. my plan was to document the assembly process.  I'm not going to.  This model almost broke me.  It is easily the worst model I've ever worked with that came from GW.  The instructions are terrible and I actually had to pull the model apart three times.  Eventually I pitched the instructions and assembled the model how it makes sense.

And for those curious about the size, it's almost the same as a Bastion.

Primed and ready to paint...

You can see in this last pic that the model is intended to be assembled in three parts, which are not glued together.  The middle part swivels on the base and the top part swivels on the middle part.  It's actually pretty cool looking once you go through the total pain of assembling it.  This model made me feel like a total newbie.

The plan is to get it painted up within a week or so.

I also got my metal spray and based a ton of Necron stuff.  More on that on Friday.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Plasma Obliterator

This was a holiday weekend, so it was jam packed full of all sorts of things.  I did make a quick stop up to an out of the way hobby store to get a can of Army Painter Gun Metal Spray so that I can finally get back to work on my Necrons.  While I was there...

...they actually had a Plasma Obliterator, new in box and on the shelf.  So, I snapped that up.  It'll be a perfect addition to my AdMech forces.

I'll try to get this assembled and posted soon so that everyone can see the size.  It has a larger base than a Bastion, but is a little shorter, I think.  the gun is massive.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Birthday Fun Times

My birthday is this week, so most of my normal hobby time has been taken up by birthday shenanigans with friends.  I know what you're saying...  "Kris, you should really focus on what's important.  You should be painting more."  Well, I humbly recognize my failing and shall endeavor to correct it next week.

I've had a pretty solid week so far.  I went to a really nice sculpture garden.  I went to Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash.  I went to a bitchin' Pinball Museum no more than 100 yards from the ocean.  I played some X-Wing.

...and the week isn't over.

Here are a couple odd photos, just because I feel like posting.

The machines were all free play.  It was awesome.  I got to relive some really nice childhood memories.

That's the ocean in the background.  That's how close we were.

Best path ever.  I can't even imagine how much work this sort of thing takes.

That's not a real kid.  This place is probably super creepy at night.  Very real looking statues were interspersed with the sculptures.

Attack of the 50 foot Woman!!!

The King Lear looked like something out of a Dark Souls game.  The worst part was the gouged out eyes sculpted in blocky metal.

Film Director Kevin Smith's comic book shop.  It was...  a comic book shop.  Not sure what we were expecting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ad Mech Drop Pod Ideas

As I've mentioned before, I'm planning on using at least three Drop Pods in my Ad Mech army, by way of a Flesh Tearers Strike Force Detachment.  I want them to be recognizable as Drop Pods, but with a distinct AdMech look.  Here are some random inspiration photos I've run across on the interwebs.

#1 - Miniature Scenery "Mk II Transporter"

This one is, without a doubt, my favorite of the lot.  The main issue is that the vendor is Australian.  By the time I pay for shipping and the exchange rate, I'm looking at ~120 USD.  That's a lot for three Drop Pods.  Plus, this thing is entirely made from laser cut MDF, so I'm a little concerned that the finish will be rough.  I'd be happier it if was made of resin.  Looks fething awesome though.

Miniature Scenery is a pretty awesome manufacturer.  They have lots of other very cool things, all made from laser cut MDF.  I could easily drop thousands here.  I REALLY wish they had a US based distributor.  Here are some other example of things they sell.  Great for Tau, Orks, or just as general purpose terrain.

#2 - Ramshackle Games "Boring Machine"

I like the aesthetic of this one, but it has more of a retro sci-fi look to it.  The Mk II Transporter above screams "I belong in Warhammer 40k".  The price per unit is 18 GBP, which at today's exchange rate and with shipping will make this cost about the same as my #1 choice.  BUT...  I think I can pull something like this off as a very low cost conversion using parts from the hardware store.  A soda can with some sort of large drill and some hatches would do the trick.  A serious advantage with this model is that there is no assembly required.  The #1 choice would probably require hours of assembly in an unfamiliar material.  I've never assembled MDF models before, so I don't know how glue works.  I'm sure I could easily figure it out, but it's something to consider.

#3 - Chapterhouse Studios "Herest Armoured Panel"

These are seemingly dirt cheap (more on that in a second) and do a decent job of modifying an existing Drop Pod to look more AdMech-y.  They're only 3 USD a pop.  This is sort of a trap though.  A GW Drop Pod retails for ~37 USD.  Lower that to 30 for online deals, but then add 15 (5 panels times 3 bucks) and you're at 45 USD or so per pod.  It's the most expensive option, and frankly the most boring.  I do think I might be able to just custom build one door and make casts though.

A main issue is that you'll be doing this conversion work and then not even seeing it the second you open the doors.  Seems like a colossal waste of time and money.  If I had a 3D printer, this would be a no brainer.

#4 and onwards...

I haven't really found anything else I would consider to be a real contender in terms of pre-made items for sale.  I was surprised that I couldn't find any AdMech converted Drop Pod images online.  I guess the guys who do conversions mostly stay away from them as they're historically unfluffy.


Here are some other random images I found...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii - Status Update

I know I've been posting random news stories and hobby "side quests" for the last week or so, but I legitimately HAVE been working on my Skitarii.  I've been in full on research mode...  in other words, I've been reading the books and short stories and listening to audiobooks while I walk.

I did put together a unit of Sicarian Infiltrators.  I also started work on the second box of Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard.  I'll be making five Rangers and five Vanguard.  The Vanguard will be going together in an Arc heavy configuration in a Drop Pod.  Statistically, with the +3 BS Doctrina, they'll strip 3.7 HP on the turn they land with a possibility that some of those HPs represent penetrating hits.  I'll have to ally in some Blood Angels to get the Drops Pods that I want.

My current list is looking like this...

Codex: Blood Angels "Flesh Tearers Strike Force" Detachment
HQ - Techmarine
Troops - Cassor the Damned (Named Death Company Dreadnought from the Shield of Baal Campaign box)
Fast Attack - Drop Pod (Cassor the Damned)
Fast Attack - Drop Pod (5 Rangers)
Fast Attack - Drop Pod (5 Vanguard)

Codex: Skitarii "Skitarii Maniple" Detachment
Troops - 10 Rangers
Troops - 5 Rangers
Troops - 5 Vanguard
Elites - 5 Sicarian Infiltrators
Elites - 5 Sicarian Ruststalkers
Fast Attack - 1 Sydonian Dragoon
Heavy Support - 1 Onager Dunecrawler

Codex: Imperial Knights "Oathsworn" Detachment
Lord of War - 1 Knight Warden

The only things I need to purchase for the above are the three Drop Pods, the Knight Warden and Cassor the Damned.  I have enough pieces/parts to put together a Techmarine...  especially now that I have leftover Skitarii bits.  The goal is convert the Drop Pods and Cassor to make it clear that they are all AdMech aligned.  The Techmarine is just on the Forgeworld learning his craft.  They don't all go to Mars, after all.

Here is proof that I'm actually working on things!

I still need to finish assembling the Ruststalkers and Rangers/Vanguard.  At that point I'll finish the bases on the lot, prime them and then work out a schedule for painting them.  Realistically, I should be able to paint five infantry models a week.  Work and other responsibilities don't always give me the free time I want.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Millennium Falcon Finished!

Not much to say today other than...  DONE!

Super quick paint job, but I think it got the job done.  And, yes...  those are Tau Empire Sept markings.  Boom.

I do still need to shade the engine glow area, but I need to get some blue shade for that.  I might gloss it also.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quick Shortcut into SPAAAAACCCEEEEEE

My friend has successfully roped me into playing in an X-Wing tournament.  I totally refuse to play with some company's pre-painted minis because I'm a painting snob.  Ha!  (Sad, but mostly true.)

The plan is a total of four ships...  the Falcon plus three Z-95s to act as escorts.

Here is my start.  The plan is to go with a darkish blue color scheme.  All drybrushing so that it will be easy to emulate and then maybe some yellow detailing.

I imagine this thing will be fully painted before the Friday update.  I'm really waiting for the primer coat to fully dry.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Imperial Knights Oathsworn Detachment

I'm seriously considering taking an Imperial Knights Oathsworn Detachment to go along with my growing Adeptus Mechanicus army.  The Oathsworn Detachment is basically 1 Lord of War mandatory, with 2 Lords of War optional.  It can't be your primary detachment and gains no particular benefits.  It's basically just a way of letting you add any old Imperial Knight to your army.

The question now becomes which Knight to go with.  All five Knight variants have the option to take carapace mounted weapons, so that's a non issue.  It's really going to come down to points and main weapons.

I like the idea of the Avenger Gatling Cannon.

I also want to make sure I have a real Melee option.  The Reaper Chainsword is kind of meh looking.  I'm a much bigger fan of the new Thunderstrike Gauntlet.

If I want these two weapons together, I'm limited to the Knight Warden.  This gives me some decent ranged weaponry, capable of mowing down MEQs...  literally by the dozen!  It also gives me the ability to do some serious damage if I get into close combat charge range.

I'll probably also throw on the Icarus Auto Cannon.

I'll likely paint the Knight to mirror my Skitarii forces...  which is to say a nice, rich purple color.

I'm thinking something like the above, but with a darker color purple.  I would also make liberal use of the Skitarii transfers to make it clear who the Knight owes allegiance to.  In the Horus Heresy Mechanicum book, there are Knights who are oath bound to protect certain forges.  I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that a small Knight House is still oath bound and stationed on a Forge World.

The goal is to pick one of these up when the hit my local gaming store and get to work.  I'm fairly certain that a little bit of magnet work will allow me to use multiple configurations if I ever want them.  Hopefully the kit allows this.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Maelstrom's Edge adds a ton of models...

They released the Hunter model pics!  This isn't artwork.  It's a painted, production model.  They're supposed to be the same size as a Tau Crisis Suit.  I'm seeing incredible conversion potential here.  The more I see of the Epirean faction, the more I think they'll make perfect Tau Human Aux.

Head on over and check out the Maelstrom's Edge Kickstarter.  I'm excited to see this one come to fruition.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

AdMech Skitarii Ranger Test Model + Tau Fun Times

I painted up a quick Ranger test model.  Nothing too terribly fancy, but I think the scheme matches well with the Onager.  Next up, I'll need to paint his nine buddies.

I also went to the grocery store a couple of days ago and say a little Cinco de Mayo display selling all sorts of "Mexican Party" accessories.  One of them was a bag of plastic shot glasses in various colors.  I thought to myself, "Self, these could come in handy.  They're two bucks.  Buy them."  I'm so glad I did.  Check this out...  perfect fit!

My new plan is to try to get my hands on some Tyranid Rippers or similar, paint them up and somehow suspend them inside the green sections.  I think these will end up looking like amazing "Tau Specimen Jar" objectives.

More to come!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii - Onager Dunecrawler w/Icarus Array


I finally decided on a color scheme for my AdMech army.  I specifically wanted to avoid red like the plague.  I'm tired of seeing red AdMech stuff.  I get that they all ultimately owe allegiance to Mars, but enough is enough.  I also wanted to try something new.  I've never really done purple before...  so here goes!  Purple Skitarii!  I'll come up with a Forge World and fluff reason later for the purple once I have an army list nailed down.  For now I'll just be doing painting.  The Codex: Cult Mechanicus will be out sooner than later and I don't want to make any major list decisions until I get to see the "other half" of the Adeptus Mechanicus Codex pair.

Here is the finished product, after transfers and matt, anti-shine spray.

The paint scheme is SUPER easy.  Here you go...

1. Prime Black
2. Drybrush the metal bits with Leadbelcher.  Dont' go too heavy.
3. Basecoat the purple bits with Naggaroth Night and then layer with Xereus Purple.  Leave a gap of Naggaroth Night around the edges to add an illusion of depth and shadow.
4. The weapons are just drybrushed Leadbelcher and Balthasar Gold.
5. The base is a series of drybrushes going from heavy to light.  Rhinox Hide, Steel Legion Drab and Screaming Skull.  The rim is Steel Legion Drab.
6. Add wet transfers and do a little Army Painter Anti-Shine Matt Spray.
7. Glue on Mordheim Tufts (or whatever GW calls these things).

This whole thing took less than 3 hours total from start to finish.  I'm a huge fan of getting things onto the table.  I'll spend more time on fancy HQ and spotlight units, but for routine units...  not so much.  I have yet to field any complaints when I drop an army onto the table.

Here are a couple more pics.  These are before the transfers and anti-shine spray, so they're a little glossier.  It makes the purple look a little brighter than it really is.

Next up will be some Rangers.