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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kustom Big Gunz

I bought some Empire Canons at a game swap today. Blinded them out with some Orky bitz. They are Zzap Gunz.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dark Angels Paint Scheme

Adding this info for a new friend. 

Green Armour
Caliban Green, Warpstone Glow, Moot Green

Ushabti Bone, Seraphim Sepia, Ushabti Bone

Mephiston Red, Agrax Earthshade, Evil Sunz Scarlet

Kislev Flesh, Reikland Fleshshade, Kislev Flesh again if needed

Libby Armour
Kantor Blue, Alaitoc Blue

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Custom Conversion - Ork Dakkajet

I really wanted to add a Dakkajet to my small Ork army.  As I mentioned, my local GW is doing an escalation league.  For the next 250 points, I'm adding a Dakkajet and 3 Killa Kans.

I'm gonna just buy some Killa Kans, but I can't justify spending $100 on myself right around Xmas, so I decided to convert a Dakkajet from bits on hand plus a 9.49 USD Thunderbolt Razorback model I picked up at a local arts and crafts store.

Here you go...  still a work in progress, but I think I'm just about done.  I like that the Fighta Ace has a bag of stikkbombs in case he runs out of ammo otherwise!  Haha


I can't believe I've actually hit 4,000 views on this blog.  This is sort of a milestone.  I'm 10% of the way towards the very fluffy 40k views target.

I'm going to have to step this up a little to make that happen.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Escalation League Round One

I played my first two games in my local GW's Escalation League this weekend. I played versus Space Wolves and Dark Angels. Won both games.

The next level of escalation is 750 points. I think I'm going to add 3 Killa Kans and a Dakkajet. Should be a nice addition and it'll give me some newish kits to paint.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

White Elephant

My family is doing a White Elephant gift exchange this year.  If you're not familiar with the idea, it goes like this...

1. Bring the tackiest, lamest present you can find.
2. Draw numbers.
3. The first person picks a gift at random and opens it.
4. The next person can either take an already opened gift from someone OR open a new gift.  If they take a gift from someone, that person then picks a new gift to open.

I just found this at the local 2nd & Charles (an awesome store).  It's the tackiest thing I think I'm likely to find.  That's right, it's a Justin Timberlake puppet doll.  Super cool.  Haha!

Hopefully, none of my family members reads this blog!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm now offering Life Size Purity Seals for Sale

I did a quick sculpt for a friend which was then used for a prize for a local tournament.  I had some interest from different people to do more custom seals for their different armies.

I've decided to sell these for $15 each with shipping included.  If you live local to northern DE, let me know and I'll cut you a price break and just meet up to make a hand delivery.

If you want one, email me at kriswall (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll work something out.  Be sure to include what you want the paper to say.  The below example was done as a present for a friend.

Custom Purity Seal

Monday, December 9, 2013

Plans for Upcoming Armies

I'm currently working on a display board for next year's Armies on Parade.  I'm currently thinking that I'll be going with a mixed Inquisition/Space Marines/Grey Knights force.  I might also add in the Tau Fire Support Cadre.  My worst allies level would be Allies of Convenience.

My plan would be to take the Space Marines as Red Hunters.  Their Chapter Tactics allows them to be Battle Brothers with Grey Knights if an Inquisitor is present.

So I'm thinking something like this...

HQ Libby, Techmarine

Troops 2x Sniper Scouts

Elites 2x Sternguard in Pods, Relic Contemptor

HQ Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

HQ - Libby

Troops - Termie Squad

Tau Fire Support Cadre (Riptide + 6 Broadsides)

Everything but the Tau will be converted to match the Deathwatch.  I have some of the scout worked out already.  They're supposed to be in Deathwatch "Infiltrator" Pattern Scout Armour.  This is from the Fantasy Flight Rites of Battle Deathwatch RPG book.

I know this won't be competitive at all.  My theory on adding the Tau is as follows...   The Deathwatch were hunting the Tau when something worse showed up.  The Tau, being pragmatic, thought that they might be able to parlay this temporary truce into something more binding.  As we all know, the Deathwatch probably fell back onto them moments after the battle was done!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Counts As Remora

Here's a quick photo of the Remora in it's current state.  I redid the gun barrels as well as making the main body larger and giving it some etched in lines.  My plan is still to 3D print this as soon as I'm finished.

Counts as Remora

I've made significant process on my 3D Remora. I'm not at my computer right now, but I'll post pics when I get home. Today, I'm going to do some volunteer work at my local archery club. Gotta make sure the kids have a good place to work on their ballistic skill!