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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Project #5 - 40k Orks Deff Dred and Killa Kans - Complete

I had painted one of the Killa Kans to about half completion way back many moons ago.  I wanted to knock these out and get them on the display shelf, so I spent an evening finishing them.  Here's the progression.  I really like how the ghetto OSL glow worked out.

First step is to do a light dry brush of Xereus Purple over more or less the entire model and then fill in a couple of armor panels with the same color.

I then dry brushed Leadbelcher onto the bits that I wanted to be silver.

Genestealer Purple gave me a quick and dirty line highlight on the areas I'd previously based completed in Xereus Purple.

I used Zandri Dust to paint on some zags and checks.  I also painted the tusks, but forgot to take a pic.

The eye and a couple of other wires and electrical bits got painted with Blazing Orange.

Standard basing...  Rhinox Hide heavy dry brush followed by...

...Steel Legion Drab dry brush and a light dry brush of Flayed One Flesh.  That pic has somehow disappeared.

Afterwards, I based the rim with Steel Legion Drab.

Moot Green was dry brushed onto the underside of the model and onto areas of the base.  I put it where I thought you'd see a reflection from the glowing slime I'm about to show you.

This stuff is magic.  Buy it from your local arts and crafts store.

Put on a lot of green, some yellow and a little white.  Use a toothpick to swirl it a little and pop whatever bubbles show up.

Lastly, I added some Mordheim Turf.  I'm really happy with this stuff.

And here's the crew.

I really think the reflecting glow turned out well.

The little dudes take after their big brother.

Now I just need a couple more Deff Dredds and a proper Mek in a Junka and this detachment is in business.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Project #4 - AdMech Skitarii Sydonian Dragoon - Complete

My relatively newly instituted bin project system has been doing very well at motivating me to paint.  It's making the need to paint an overwhelming collection of grey models into a very reasonable thing.

After finishing my Sicarian Infiltrators, I threw a primed Sydonian Dragoon in the freed up project bin.  I got pretty motivated after work and just muscled through this in about an hour.  Remember, my goal is to get these painted to a nice table standard in a very short period of time.  With that said, here is your painting timeline and the paints I used.

Here he is primed black with cork and sand basing.

Start off with a quick dry brush of Leadbelcher...

...followed by some Xereus Purple areas...

...and finally Balthasar Gold.  This covers the majority of the base details.  Quick and dirty.

I based the weapon and a couple of other small areas in Warpstone Glow...

...before adding a highlight of Moot Green.

The base got my standard heavy to light dry brush treatment of Rhinox Hide...

Steel Legion Drab and...

Flayed One Flesh.

Rims always get the mid tone, so in this case, more Steel Legion Drab.

Finish off with some Mordheim Turf and I'm done!  Total time to completion was about an hour, starting with a primed model.

Here are a couple of different poses.  In one, you can see the basic control panel details I did.  Again, this is a quick and dirty table standard paint job.  If I wanted to do a better job and paint more details, I would have needed to spend days and not an hour.  This will work great for the table.

Lastly, an action shot showing the entirety of my painted AdMech Skitarii forces!  Not exactly a threatening crew, but I'm getting there.  I'm not sure what will go in the project bin next, but I'm considering either a 10 man unit of Rangers I have or a 5 man box of Sicarian Ruststalkers.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Project #2 - AdMech Skitarii Sicarian Infiltrators - Complete

I had a nice day of painting and was able to complete this unit.  I was very much going for quick table standard with these guys.  You'll see in the pics below that this is all just basic dry brushing, base coating and a very small amount of detail work.  These models are highly details, but I think it's fine to leave most of the details as just brushed metal.

I started with a quick dry brush all over the model with the Leadbelcher base color.

I then coated the helmets and the boss guy's robes in Xereus Purple.

I picked out a few bits in Balthasar Gold...  mainly some leg struts and the tubes coming out of the mask.

I then painted the middle part of the melee weapon in Warpstone Glow...

...followed by a quick and dirty highlight of Moot Green.

For the base, I did a heavy dry brush of Rhinox Hide...

...followed by a lighter dry brush of Steel Legion Drab...

...and a final dry brush around the edges of Flayed One Flesh.

The rims got a coat of Steel Legion Drab.  I generally use my base mid tone as the rim color.  I find it usually matches pretty well.

To complete the bases, I glued up some random tufts of Mordheim Turf.  I love this stuff.

And that's it.  From start to finish, the unit took maybe an hour or so.  Dry brushing and basic highlighting is your friend!

Here they are with the Onager Dunecrawler I painted a bit ago.  This is the sum total of my painted AdMech forces.  I really need to get more of them painted.

And that's Project #2 complete!  Stay tuned for details on what replaces this in the project bin.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Project #3 - W40K Necron Overlord - Priming Complete

The last of the initial three projects is the new-ish plastic Necron Overlord.  I'm a big fan of this model as it has a nice, dynamic pose and a non standard War Scythe that actually looks like a scythe.  I got it assembled and primed.

I'll be painting it to look like my other Necron forces using the Nihilakh Dynasty official paint scheme that GW published in their How To Paint Necrons series of books.  Below is an example that I painted a bit ago.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Project #1 - AoS WoC Marauder Horsemen - Painting WIP

I started to do a test run on the horse skin.  I'm not entirely certain how to go about this as I've never done horses before.  I'm going to go with my normal skin technique, but using browns instead.

It's still very preliminary, and I'm waiting on the wash to dry, but I'm optimistic so far.  I still have at least two layers of brown to go to make it look good.  I'll probably highlight the hair on the mane, tail and hooves in a lighter color.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Kittens are Adorbs

I've been doing a lot of organizing of late and my kitten got in the way.  I solved the problem.  She's now been organized.

You'll note the sad attempt at a skull and crossbones.  This is not an accident.  She's definitely dangerous.

Project #2 - 40k AdMech Skitarii Sicarian Infiltrators - Priming Complete

I decided to take a short break from the Marauders and set up the second of my three concurrent painting projects.

The project in my #2 project bin currently is a unit of five Sicarian Infiltrators.  I just love how spindly and ridiculous these things look.  I'm fairly certain that I've posted these before, but this is my new "bin project" thing going on.  I pulled them out, officially put them in bin #2 and did the sand.  I'll prime them tomorrow.  It's a little too late tonight.  I just can't see well enough with my porch lighting and I invariably miss things and have to reprime in the daylight.

Here they are, before and after sanding.

...and time warp until tomorrow...


I anticipate that these will be really quick and easy to paint.  They'll be painted like the Onager Dunecrawler I painted, which is primarily dry brushed metal and purple.  These guys have very little armor, so it'll mainly be metal with purple heads and then whatever color I decide to do the weapons...  probably copper/gold with a patina.