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Friday, September 18, 2015

Project #2 - 40k AdMech Skitarii Sicarian Infiltrators - Priming Complete

I decided to take a short break from the Marauders and set up the second of my three concurrent painting projects.

The project in my #2 project bin currently is a unit of five Sicarian Infiltrators.  I just love how spindly and ridiculous these things look.  I'm fairly certain that I've posted these before, but this is my new "bin project" thing going on.  I pulled them out, officially put them in bin #2 and did the sand.  I'll prime them tomorrow.  It's a little too late tonight.  I just can't see well enough with my porch lighting and I invariably miss things and have to reprime in the daylight.

Here they are, before and after sanding.

...and time warp until tomorrow...


I anticipate that these will be really quick and easy to paint.  They'll be painted like the Onager Dunecrawler I painted, which is primarily dry brushed metal and purple.  These guys have very little armor, so it'll mainly be metal with purple heads and then whatever color I decide to do the weapons...  probably copper/gold with a patina.