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Friday, September 11, 2015

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Unit Cards

Ok, I posted a sneak peek in the last week, but since then I've done a little more work.  I'm still tweaking the layout, so forgive me if the values on the card are wrong.  I've found a place that will print decks of playing cards in different sizes.  The first one below is a standard poker sized playing card.  The larger ones beneath are 3.5" x 5.75".  They're much larger, but still perfectly practical for my purposes.  I'm thinking about using the larger cards for the core units and then maybe using poker sized cards for equipment details.

I decided to split units that have multiple equipment options into multiple cards.  I think this will make things easier as you'll only have what you need on a given card with nothing extraneous.

I've been made aware that the background is way too busy.  I'm still debating on how best to handle that.  I want some sort of imagery.  I might go with a Magic the Gathering style border or something.  I'm just not sure yet.