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Monday, September 28, 2015

Project #4 - AdMech Skitarii Sydonian Dragoon - Complete

My relatively newly instituted bin project system has been doing very well at motivating me to paint.  It's making the need to paint an overwhelming collection of grey models into a very reasonable thing.

After finishing my Sicarian Infiltrators, I threw a primed Sydonian Dragoon in the freed up project bin.  I got pretty motivated after work and just muscled through this in about an hour.  Remember, my goal is to get these painted to a nice table standard in a very short period of time.  With that said, here is your painting timeline and the paints I used.

Here he is primed black with cork and sand basing.

Start off with a quick dry brush of Leadbelcher...

...followed by some Xereus Purple areas...

...and finally Balthasar Gold.  This covers the majority of the base details.  Quick and dirty.

I based the weapon and a couple of other small areas in Warpstone Glow...

...before adding a highlight of Moot Green.

The base got my standard heavy to light dry brush treatment of Rhinox Hide...

Steel Legion Drab and...

Flayed One Flesh.

Rims always get the mid tone, so in this case, more Steel Legion Drab.

Finish off with some Mordheim Turf and I'm done!  Total time to completion was about an hour, starting with a primed model.

Here are a couple of different poses.  In one, you can see the basic control panel details I did.  Again, this is a quick and dirty table standard paint job.  If I wanted to do a better job and paint more details, I would have needed to spend days and not an hour.  This will work great for the table.

Lastly, an action shot showing the entirety of my painted AdMech Skitarii forces!  Not exactly a threatening crew, but I'm getting there.  I'm not sure what will go in the project bin next, but I'm considering either a 10 man unit of Rangers I have or a 5 man box of Sicarian Ruststalkers.