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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Arcadia Quest

I'm seriously considering throwing $100 at the Arcadia Quest Kickstarter.  It's being put out by the CoolMiniOrNot crew and looks to be a pretty good deal.  I've gotten games produced by them in the past and kicked myself for not supporting the Zombicide Kickstarter.

The games appears to be a sort of campaign based, tactical boardgame where multiple players control separate guilds all trying to loot a dungeon.  The minis are all super-deformed and come preassembled.

I'm considering doing the Kickstarter, which is essentially just a preorder, as it would come with a Kickstarter Exclusive campaign pack including 6 additional minis and a new campagin book, a Kickstarter Exclusive hero mini who looks like she's supposed to be Red Sonja as well as whatever bonuses are unlocked.  Currently, the game has 17 more days of funding ahead of it and has already unlocked several bonuses.  If former Kickstarters from this crew are an indicator, we should be seeing plenty of cool additional stuff coming this way.

I think if I can talk at least 2-3 friends into also buying this, I'll get it.  I'll need people to play the campaign with!


This post is 100% totally unrelated to gaming or the hobby or anything.

 I've decided to go quasi-vegan from today until my birthday on May 23rd.  That's 86 days of Veganism.  My intent is twofold.  One, I should lose a little weight and start feeling generally healthier.  Two, it'll give me a reason to post more often.  I actually do a ton of hobby work and meet with friends at least once a week to either play or talk about gaming.  My intent is to post at least 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with some hobby content as well as a quick update on how the veganism is going.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Work on the Ork Junka Conversion

I don't have time to type out a long post, but I wanted to throw up a couple of pictures at least.

I decided to go with the Supa-skorcha, 3x Skorcha and Deffrolla configuration.

Ork Junka - Sorry about the blur...  I'll take a new pic tomorrow or so.

Ork Junka - Turret Detail

Ork Junka - Front Skorchas Detail

Ork Junka - Engine Detail

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ork Big Mek's Junka

I've started work on my Big Mek's Junka for the Ork Dread Mob List.

I decided that this Big Mek would be more interested in something a little stronger than a Rhino, so he's looted a Predator.  I still haven't decided what weaponry I'm going to go with.  I'll probably end up using magnets and just go with ALL OF THE THINGS!

Here are some work in progress photos.

Junka with Deffrolla
Junka with cut down turret...  weapons to be added.
Junka with armour panels...  at least some of them!
More to come as I make more modifications and additions.  The main weapon will probably be a Supa-skorcha.  I'm still working out how to properly make that happen.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ork Grot Turret 3D Design

Hey all,

I decided to spend the evening doing a little design work for my Grot Tank conversions.  As you know from a few posts down, I'm using the Robogear Varan tank as a base for my Grot Tanks.

There is a big empty section on the back (or front depending on your point of view) of the tank where the Robogear driver is supposed to go.  I'm going to be putting the power plant there.  As my Grots are part of a Mek Army, they are of course excited by all things made of cool new tech!  I decided to go with some proppa sized batteries for my tanks.  They're hybrids.  Haha!

Also, I made serious progress on my Grotzooka Turrets.  I still need to hollow out the models to make the viable for printing on Shapeways.  As is, it would cost around $45 per tank.  I need to get that down significantly to make it affordable.  Otherwise, I would just be buying actual Forgeworld Grot Tanks.

Of course, my plan is to print a single master set and make resin dupes.  A new buddy of mine is going to teach me how to do proper resin casting about two weeks from now.  I'm pretty excited for it!

Grotzooka 3D Design Work in Progress

Grotzooka 3D Design Work in Progress

Grotzooka 3D Design Work in Progress

Power Plant 3D Design Work in Progress

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Quick Update on the Remora

I wanted to post up a couple of quick photos on the 3D Remora Drone I'm working on.  I'm liking the lines a lot more now.  I do think I need to add some sort of optics to the center/front of the disc though.  Please drop me a line to let me know what you think.

Here is a quick wireframe and corresponding rough render.

Grot Tank Conversions Incoming!

As a part of my ongoing effort to build an Ork Dread Mob army, I've decided to add some Grot Tanks to my collection.  Unfortunately, I don't feel like spending $$$ on the official Forgeworld models, so I'll be converting my own.

I found these cool mini tank looking things from a Russian gaming company called Robogear and ordered three off eBay.  I really will just need to come up with some sort of Orky turret, glue on some glyphs and haphazard armour panels and I'll be good to go.  I'm so pleased with the way these look that I might go ahead and buy three more.  The T-Rex model they sell has a lot of promise.  I might get a couple just for fun.  These things are less than 10 USD with shipping included off eBay.

T-Rex Model from Robogear

This is what I actually got in the mail today.  As you can see, the model will be a good size for the Grot Tanks.  The "I'm Totally Not Telion" Scout Sarge agrees!  Obviously I have a lot of work to do, but these will make an excellent base.