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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moving Tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be moving states.  Hopefully it won't take me too long to set up a new hobby area.  The new place we're moving to is much larger and I'll have a 12' x 12.5' room to myself.  My intention is to turn it into a hobby/computer room.  I'm going to work on layout today, but I think I can squeeze everything I need plus a 4' x 6' gaming table in if I make the gaming table convertible into a hobby area.  I may end up building a custom table and putting a Realms of Battle board on it.  I've seen some pretty good table setups in the past.

Monday, July 30, 2012

This is a test of the Emergency Blogger System...

...had this been a real post it would have been followed by interesting content and maybe some pictures.


In all reality, I'm just testing the Blogger App on my iPhone.

Some Random Things I've Painted

I wanted to take a couple of shots of models I've painted.  I put together a ghetto photo light box and am pretty happy with the results.  I am by no means a photographer, but I think I've progressed from my grainy cell phone pics!

Here are some random pics...

My custom Salamanders Terminator Chaplain...  total kit bash.  All random bitz box plastic pieces!

I was really happy with how the cape turned out.  The highlights are a little extreme, but it works on a battlefield.

The first three LC/LC Termies.  They are intended to pop out of a LRR and assault.

The other two LC/LC Termies plus a Teleport Homer/Objective Marker.

The Salamanders Rhino...  I'm happy with the flames and the "Igneus" scrollwork, but I don't like the green as much as on the Terminators.

My custom Vindicare counts-as.  I used a Kasrkin model and made the barrel out of copper tubes.

Oh man!  I hope his power pack doesn't overheat...  pretty happy with  the little pick of OSL work here.

I read the Soul Drinkers books and just had to paint myself up a Soul Drinker.  I'm particularly happy with the helmet.

The Tau Need Some Reinforcements

I've had this 2000 point or so Tau army for some time now.  Back when I worked at Games Workshop, my boss challenged me to paint a 1500 point Tau list I'd had sitting around for ages over the course of a long weekend.  I took the challenge.  I planned out a paint plan that would be quick and easy to paint, yet look nice on the battlefield.  I think I was successful.  I usually get compliments when I field the army and so far no one has told me they look like crap.  :)

Anyways, I've decided to add some allies to the army.  See if you can pick out the model that doesn't belong.  Haha.  I haven't been able to finish it's occupants yet, but soon.

Without further ado, here are a random selection of models.  When I have more time, I'll post some more.

And I know the Broadside needs some love.  Metal models chip so easily when they're played with regularly.

Shas'O with Fireknife Bodyguards

This Devilfish looks funny... 

Half of a Fire Warrior Squad...  the other squad all have red guns.

Chipped Broadside

A New Beginning

I started this blog and then let it lapse.  I'm about to move into a new place where I'll be significantly more organized and my personal hobby has come a long way.  I want to document my progress from here on out.

My intention with this blog is to give me somewhere that I can showcase things I'm working on or share my opinions on things.  If you see anything you have a suggestion on, feel free to contact me.  My email address is kriswall [at] gmail [dot] com.

For now, here's something I'm working on right now.  A friend of mine, Mike, who hangs out at the Olney, MD Games Workshop store put this together for me.  His sculpting ability is far, far better than mine!  I asked him to make me a Captain with a "big ass Thunder Hammer".  I'd say he succeeded.  I can't wait to paint this guy.

Aurora Chapter 1st Company Captain