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Friday, September 25, 2015

Project #2 - AdMech Skitarii Sicarian Infiltrators - Complete

I had a nice day of painting and was able to complete this unit.  I was very much going for quick table standard with these guys.  You'll see in the pics below that this is all just basic dry brushing, base coating and a very small amount of detail work.  These models are highly details, but I think it's fine to leave most of the details as just brushed metal.

I started with a quick dry brush all over the model with the Leadbelcher base color.

I then coated the helmets and the boss guy's robes in Xereus Purple.

I picked out a few bits in Balthasar Gold...  mainly some leg struts and the tubes coming out of the mask.

I then painted the middle part of the melee weapon in Warpstone Glow...

...followed by a quick and dirty highlight of Moot Green.

For the base, I did a heavy dry brush of Rhinox Hide...

...followed by a lighter dry brush of Steel Legion Drab...

...and a final dry brush around the edges of Flayed One Flesh.

The rims got a coat of Steel Legion Drab.  I generally use my base mid tone as the rim color.  I find it usually matches pretty well.

To complete the bases, I glued up some random tufts of Mordheim Turf.  I love this stuff.

And that's it.  From start to finish, the unit took maybe an hour or so.  Dry brushing and basic highlighting is your friend!

Here they are with the Onager Dunecrawler I painted a bit ago.  This is the sum total of my painted AdMech forces.  I really need to get more of them painted.

And that's Project #2 complete!  Stay tuned for details on what replaces this in the project bin.