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Monday, May 18, 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii - Status Update

I know I've been posting random news stories and hobby "side quests" for the last week or so, but I legitimately HAVE been working on my Skitarii.  I've been in full on research mode...  in other words, I've been reading the books and short stories and listening to audiobooks while I walk.

I did put together a unit of Sicarian Infiltrators.  I also started work on the second box of Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard.  I'll be making five Rangers and five Vanguard.  The Vanguard will be going together in an Arc heavy configuration in a Drop Pod.  Statistically, with the +3 BS Doctrina, they'll strip 3.7 HP on the turn they land with a possibility that some of those HPs represent penetrating hits.  I'll have to ally in some Blood Angels to get the Drops Pods that I want.

My current list is looking like this...

Codex: Blood Angels "Flesh Tearers Strike Force" Detachment
HQ - Techmarine
Troops - Cassor the Damned (Named Death Company Dreadnought from the Shield of Baal Campaign box)
Fast Attack - Drop Pod (Cassor the Damned)
Fast Attack - Drop Pod (5 Rangers)
Fast Attack - Drop Pod (5 Vanguard)

Codex: Skitarii "Skitarii Maniple" Detachment
Troops - 10 Rangers
Troops - 5 Rangers
Troops - 5 Vanguard
Elites - 5 Sicarian Infiltrators
Elites - 5 Sicarian Ruststalkers
Fast Attack - 1 Sydonian Dragoon
Heavy Support - 1 Onager Dunecrawler

Codex: Imperial Knights "Oathsworn" Detachment
Lord of War - 1 Knight Warden

The only things I need to purchase for the above are the three Drop Pods, the Knight Warden and Cassor the Damned.  I have enough pieces/parts to put together a Techmarine...  especially now that I have leftover Skitarii bits.  The goal is convert the Drop Pods and Cassor to make it clear that they are all AdMech aligned.  The Techmarine is just on the Forgeworld learning his craft.  They don't all go to Mars, after all.

Here is proof that I'm actually working on things!

I still need to finish assembling the Ruststalkers and Rangers/Vanguard.  At that point I'll finish the bases on the lot, prime them and then work out a schedule for painting them.  Realistically, I should be able to paint five infantry models a week.  Work and other responsibilities don't always give me the free time I want.