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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pretty Effing Awesome Space Marine Captains - GW Web Exclusive

So, I just got this bad boy in the mail.

He's my freebie for ordering over $100.  I didn't really order over $100.  It was a group effort, but do to some side haggling, I get to keep the Captain.

The really nice thing is that the model came with a little black "classified" pouch containing the below card.  On the back is a special website and code number which allows you to purchase the Web Exclusive #2 model.  It's a $30, which is in line with other Space Marine single model plastic sprues.

The Web Exclusive SM Captain #2 "Classified" Card.  On the back is a code letting you order the model.

The Black Classified Envelope

Web Exclusive SM Captain #1

Web Exclusive SM Captain #1 Sprue