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Thursday, August 30, 2018

I'm not dead.

It occurs to me that posting a cryptic message about going into surgery, followed by total radio silence was probably a little grim and misleading.

The surgery was minor and fine.  I just fell out of the hobby for a little while.  Kill Team has sort of captured me and pulled me back in.  My local store ran a short campaign to test the waters and quite a few people signed up.  I'm in for the second, followup campaign.

Let's see...  what else is new?

I got a new job.  I'm a projects guy at one of the bigger banks.  My first task was to go to the Bahamas for a week and review some stuff there.  Pretty tough gig!

I also got a 3D printer.  I can't remember if I posted about it or not before.  I've been cranking out terrain left and right.  It's not great for models, but it's pretty solid for vehicles and terrain.  I'm working on a custom Kill Team board in the background now.

More to come.  The goal is to get back to posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday...  starting with tomorrow's welcome back hobby post.