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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Debating a Forge World Purchase

There are a group of players in the local community who band together once every 3 months or so and place a Forge World order.  If you place more than 250 (USD or GBP, I forget) worth of stuff, shipping is free.  Shipping is normally 15% of your total order, so this is quite a savings.

The last time we ordered, I got two Remora Drones and a Plasma Defense Turret.

I think this time around I'm considering getting one of these guys.

I would probably just use him as a standard commander with twin-linked plasma and a shield generator.  My friends tend to play a lot of MEQ (Marines and their Equivalents), so twin-linked plasma is really helpful in taking down those tough units.

The shield just looks awesome.  If I could order just those shields, I would use them for every crisis suit that has a shield generator.  I might try my hand at casting.

If anyone knows where you can order just the shields, please email me.