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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Puretide Bomb - Game 1 - Battle Report

I played my first game using my new Puretide Bomb list. It was devastatingly one sided. I feel pretty bad. I went to my local GW store and said, "I need a volunteer to help me test my d-bag tournament list." My buddy Gareth was willing to oblige. Afterwards, he said he might quit the hobby.

I brought my list... basically the Puretide Bomb, 2x 6 man Fire Warriors, 2x Broadsides and 2x Skyrays. He brought a bunch of power armored marines. 2x 10 man Tactical Squads, 2x 10 man Jump Assault Squads, 1x 5 man Lascannon Devs, an Assault Captain and an Assault Chapter Master. Typically he just swarms forwards and gets into combat ASAP.

He took the first turn. As to deployment, I infiltrated the bomb to one side, but the Broadsides in the middle and kept the Skyrays one to each corner. He did a more or less front and center deployment. He went first.

Turn 1: He swarmed forward and was within assault range on my Puretide Bomb, so he foolishly declared an assault. The Overwatch killed all 10 of his troops. His other troops all moved forward and his shooting either missed or was covered by the first turn night fighting. On my turn, I moved forward and between the Puretide Bomb shooting, the Broadside shooting and the Skyrays, killed the other 10 man Assault Squad, a 10 man Tactical Squad and wounded the Assault Captain.

Turn 2: Things were looking pretty grim at this point. Gareth moved his troops forward again, and was able to successfully kill 4 drones (or ablative wounds as I like to think of them). On my turn I killed the remaining Tactical Squad, the 5 man Devs and the Assault Captain. I also wounded the Chapter Master.

Turn 3: The only thing Gareth had left was his Chapter Master. He assaulted the Bomb, and survived the Overwatch (do to a spectacularly bad round of rolling). Seriously, I should have statistically killed him 5 times over. Anyways, the combat ended in a draw and we decided to call the game as I would just have used Hit and Run to jump away and shred the Chapter Master.

End Result: A complete tabling in 3 turns is pretty solid. Granted, Gareth wasn't playing a tournament list, but killing 47 power armored Space Marines in 3 turns is pretty solid. I'm really happy with the results. One big lesson learned is to stay out of charge range if there's a remote chance the charger will survive Overwatch. I think this list is going to do just fine in the tournament.