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Monday, August 19, 2013

Somebody set us up the Farsight Bomb

I've signed up for a tournament that is taking place in Plymouth Meeting, PA on October 15th.  I've decided to assemble and paint a Puretide/Farsight Bomb tournament list.  The list is as follows, more or less...

Army List:

  • Farsight
  • Shadowsun
  • 3x Dual Plasma Rifle Bodyguards
  • 2x Dual Missile Pod Bodyguards
  • 1x Dual Fusion Blaster Bodyguards
  • 1x Support Suit Bodyguard "Puretide"
  • 14x Gun Drones
  • 2x Missilesides w/2x Missile Drones
  • 2x Skyrays
  • 2x 6 man Fire Warrior Squads
  • 3x Objective Markers

I've gotten the whole army assembled at this point and need to start painting.  The only things that are currently painted are the Fire Warriors and Shadowsun.  I've set up a schedule as such that I intend to keep to.

Unit/Due Date:

  • Missilesides/Missile Drones on 8/23
  • 6x Crisis Suits on 8/30
  • 2x Skyrays on 9/6
  • Farsight and Puretide on 9/13
  • 14x Gun Drones on 9/20
  • Objective Makers on 9/27 
This will give me a week per unit.  I paint fairly quickly, and the color scheme is pretty easy to do.  Here's an example.  I won't be using this model in the tournament, but it shows off the color scheme.  This riptide took about 3-4 hours to paint.

XV-104 Riptide Example Photo