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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

1850 Point Tau Farsight/Puretide Bomb List

Hello all.

In preparation for an upcoming tournament, I'll be playing an 1850 point game of Warhammer 40k versus my good buddy Steve tomorrow.

I'm running a Farsight Bomb list with a couple of added units.  I usually play only at the 1500 point level, so I had to jazz this list up a little.

Here is my list.

Commander Shadowsun

Commander Farsight
Farsight's Bodyguard Team:

  • 3x Dual Plasma w/Target Lock
  • 2x Dual Missile Pod w/Target Lock
  • 1x Dual Fusion Blaster w/Target Lock
  • Buff Commander (basically every possible option, but no weapons)
  • 14 Total Gun Drones
6x Fire Warriors in a Devilfish
10x Kroot w/1x Kroot Hound

Riptide w/Ion Accelerator and Feels No Pain upgrade

Heavy Support
2x Skyrays
2x Broadsides as a team with Interceptor and 4x total Missile Drones

I'm also bringing some custom objective markers and terrain.  The Kroothound is also custom.  I'm using a 40mm base with some built up basing material and a series of small drones to simulate the Acute Sense rule.

I plan on taking pictures during the combat.

My Tau Objective Markers

My army's illustrious Leader

The larger base is a counts-as Canoptek Spyder.  The smaller base is a counts-as Canoptek Scarab base.  I'll be using the Scarab base as the counts-as Kroothound.  So...  it's a counts-as counts-as.