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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wraithknight Work in Progress (Almost Complete)

So, I did a TON of work on my Wraithknight conversion today.  He's intended to be a part of my Eldar force allied into my Farsight Enclaves/Tau main force.  I wanted to only use Eldar parts, but capture the feeling of the Tau.  I believe I did so.  I decided to use parts from both the Squadron Command Frame and one of the Eldar Support Weapons to make a Heavy Wraithcannon Gun Drone.  The Wraithknight is controlling it with a hand held device.  I really like how it worked out.  I think once I finish the painting, the copper tube holding up the drone isn't going to be super obvious.

Converted Wraithknight with Heavy Wraithcannon Gun Drone

Size Comparison with a Tau Riptide.  In all fairness, the Riptide has a somewhat hunched pose, so he's shorter than normal.