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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Upcoming Tournament

I'll be playing in a partners tournament in November.  It's going to be 1000 points each.  My partner is playing with Orks.  I think he'll be doing a 10 man Biker Nob squad with some other support elements.  I'll be using my Farsight Enclaves army with a mini-Farsight Bomb and some Riptide support.  I'm seriously considering adding in some Necrons for the Canoptek Scarabs and Spiders.  I hate the Warriors, so I need to put together and paint some Immortals before then.

I decided to Tau them up a little.  I know these photos aren't very clear, but I had pretty poor conditions in which to take them.  I used the sniper heads and added a little Tau antenna.  My plan is to paint the large armour segments in the same colour scheme as my Tau to make it look like the Tau have reverse engineered the tech and are controlling the Necrons.  I'm seriously considering a conversion for a Destroyer Lord where a Tau Earth Caste Engineer would be basically riding on his back with wires running from a controller into the back of the Lord's head.

I also primed the Riptide I've been working on.

Oh, and on a final note, I purposefully left the gaps in the Immortals shoulder armour.  My plan is to paint it like the segmented sections of Tau armour.  It'll make them fit into my army more easily.

Current selection of items on my paint tray.

Immortals!  Tau Immortals!  Taumortals?

This shot shows the antennas a little better.

A quick shot of the Riptide's cork and sand base.