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Monday, November 3, 2014

Necron Destroyer Lord Conversion

I went over to my buddy Steve's place for a nice night of building models and watching movies.  We saw the movie Horns starring whoever the guy is who played Harry Potter.  It was a pretty solid movie, despite the ending being a little hokey.

I spent my time slamming a Canoptek Spider together with some other Necron bits to make a custom Destroyer Lord.  It's based on a conversion I saw from my other friend.

Here you have it.  I'll likely try to get it painted up this weekend.  I didn't have bits for a Warscythe, so the sword is a counts-as.  I'll paint the orb in the center of the spider body as a glowing green Ressurection Orb.  The Mindshackle Scarabs are obviously housed in the Scarab Hive. :)