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Monday, July 20, 2015

Age of Sigmar Hobby Stuff

I did a metric ton of hobby work this weekend.  I assembled all the models in the Age of Sigmar boxed set plus a box of Bloodletters and added nice cork and sand bases.  I then primed the lot Sunday Afternoon.

This is everything I have no ready to paint for Age of Sigmar.

1x Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
1x Lord-Relictor
3x Retributors
10x Liberators
3x Prosecutors

1x Mighty Lord of Khorne
1x Bloodsecrator
1x Bloodstoker
1x Khorgorath
5x Blood Warriors
20x Bloodreavers
10x Bloodletters

This is my little sanding setup.  I super glued thin cork and then used white PVA glue and my trusty chinese food container of sand to finish the models off.

This is the Chaos half of things.  You'll note the pile of nickels.  What are those for?

Some of the models are super light weight and tend to fall over.  The Bloodletters are a good example.  I glue a nickel to the bottom of each model and they end up nice and stable.  It also gives them a little extra heft and tricks the mind into thinking they're metal once they're all painted up.  I know that's silly, but it makes me happy.  I've also had people comment on the heft before.  I think people still attribute quality to heaver items...  which is crazy.  Random side note...  most manufacturers add blocks of metal inside products that do nothing more than increase the cost and weight.  It makes consumers think they're higher quality than they really are.

This is my priming station.  I bought a spinning lazy susan thing at IKEA.  I spin it around as I prime things.  It makes life easier.  This is out on my porch.  A nice breeze makes things dry quicker than they would elsewhere.

And here's everything finished.  Well, the priming is finished anyways.  Now I have 57 more models to paint.  The plan is to finish at least one or two Khorne models before Friday.  I have a game scheduled for Friday with my buddy.  I'm currently thinking that I'm going to be bringing the Khorne side of things as I'll have more models available at this point.

I'm debating on what to add next to the Chaos side of things.  I think it would be to my advantage to go with a War Machine of some sort.  If I go Chaos, I can either take a Hellcannon, which is a ghetto old model, or a Skull Cannon of Khorne.  The Skull Cannon is the better option, I think.  Alternately, I could just go Skaven for the backfield shooting.  The Warp Lightning Cannons seem pretty cool.  The Plagueclaw Catapults also seem pretty cool.