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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Project Khorne Dogs - First Post

So, as I mentioned before, I suffered a home fire, losing almost everything hobby related in the process.  I've had lots of wonderful friends step in and try to make me whole.  My friend Jon B. sent me hobby tools, paints, brushes and a Prophecy of the Wolf starter box.  My other friend Chris V. dropped off two copies of the Khorne side of Wrath and Rapture.

I've decided to start with Wrath and Rapture as I've never painted predominantly red models and I think it'll be a good challenge.

I'm currently sitting on...
  • 2x Karanak (the named Flesh Hound)
  • 20x Bloodletters
  • 6x Bloodcrushers
  • 10x Flesh Hounds
I realize that Warhammer 40k 9th Edition is just around the corner (at this point it has been announced, but without a release date), so it doesn't make a lot of sense to try to make an army list quite yet.  Fortunately, these units don't have much in the way of options.  My plan is to add banners and musicians (is that the right name?) where possible, because it adds a little flair to the army.  At the current points levels, and taking all the available options, this is basically a ~660 point Patrol Detachment.  I'd have to add more Bloodletters and a second HQ to turn it into a Battalion.  Might happen.  Might not.

I'm not entirely sure where I'll start.  Probably with Karanak.  He's a single model and I have a spare in case I screw up the color scheme.