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Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Back!!!

I'm back from the Big Apple!

Posts should recommence this week.  I've got a couple of things to post about.

The first is that I'm working on a gaming table.  The local GW store here in Delaware closed recently and I'm left with two choices.  I can either travel 45min to an hour to a store with basically no community, but a couple of gaming tables...  or I can build a table myself.

I did a little research and ended up deciding to use the same tables that Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie, MD uses.  The tables are pretty easy to work with.  You purchase a set of 4 legs for about $60 US.  You can order them from Lowes in the US or or wherever you can find them.  You then need to come up with a number of 2x4s and some 4'x6' plywood or MDF surfaces.  It supposedly takes about an hour to assemble once you have everything in hand.

2x4Basics Table

Once assembled, I'll put together a series of 2'x2' segments to allow me to swap out and rearrange the table.  The first set will most likely be a sort of standard wilderness table with accompanying terrain.