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Friday, September 26, 2014

Pig Iron Studios Helmets

As you can see from the below photo, I decided that my Scouts should have helmets.  Well, some of them at any rate.  I do plan on doing some Wolf Scouts with appropriately bare heads, but I generally like the ideas of helmets to go along with my Scout Armour.

The only bit of fluff I could find regarding Scout Helmets is in a Black Library short story about a Wolf Scout who is piloting his own space ship on some sort of mission.  I completely forget the name of the story, but at some point the Scout makes a comment about how he doesn't like wearing the helmet because the face plate is all glass and they tend to shatter and cut up your face.

Given this, I wanted glass faced helmets.

Sample Scouts with Glass Front Helmets
I finally found what I was looking for on the Pig Iron Studios website.  The helmets are called HD.19 System Trooper Alternative Heads and come in packs of 20 for 5 GBP.  That's around 8 dollars US for those of you who don't like doing math.  Pig Irons has a TON of different, cool looking minis and sells most of the heads separately.  The heads are made of metal, so I did have to pin them, but this definitely makes them a little cheaper than resin options.  Since there really isn't much detail, I wasn't worried about the lack of detail.

I'd definitely recommend you check out the website and give them a shot.

Pig Iron Studios HD.19 System Trooper Alternative Heads