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Friday, December 5, 2014

Forgeworld Necron Options

I'm seriously considering investing in a nice centerpiece model from Forgeworld for this new Necron venture I'm working on.  My main thoughts are either the Tomb Stalker or the Tomb Sentinel.

Tomb Sentinel

Tomb Stalker

I do like the Canoptek Acanthrites also, but they would never work as a centerpiece.  They would look amazing with an all Canoptek/Cryptek army, but they won't really stand out.
Canoptek Acanthrite

I do have a couple of reservations.  The first is related to the second.  The first is price.  The Tomb Stalker is 41 GBP and the Sentinel is 48 GBP.  This is roughly 66 and 77 USD respectively.  This really isn't that bad, considering it would be a major component of the army.  I could get over it if not for the second reservation.  Quality.  I have never purchased a Forgeworld model with satisfactory quality.  I've purchased some obvious recasts off eBay before... with amazing results.  Forgeworld can't even match the quality control of the bootlegger recasters.

I'm hesitant to buy from the recasters.  I don't like supporting that sort of thing.  At the same time, Forgeworld is difficult to buy from for an American and sells a suspect product, so I don't really want to buy from them.  I REALLY wish they could work out their quality control issues.  On top of that, the recasters represent a 20-30% price cut with free shipping.


I'll make a decision after Christmas most likely.  Stay tuned.


  1. Tomb Stalker - go for it! I built and painted one of these guys a couple of weeks ago, and while it was pretty tough for a beginner like me (I've only been doing this for about four months), the end result is pretty awesome!

    The quality was fine, I thought - it's the first Forge World thing I've done, but I bulk-bought the majority of Necron kits from them to save time, and all the other stuff looks great to me. The only slight problem I had was a tiny part of the carapace was a little thinner than the rest, but the way I've posed him has meant you can't see it.

    To me, the only down side to buying this stuff is you also need to get the Fall of Orpheus book to have the stats, but that's a pretty awesome book in itself!

    1. That looks great! I love the pose and the Marine casualty on the base. It's always great to have feedback from an actual person who has purchased the kit. Thanks so much for commenting!

    2. No problem, I've only just discovered your blog but it looks great, so thank you! The Space Marine casualties are lots of fun, yeah - my next project (among the many others) is a scarab base, with them swarming all over a downed battle brother - simple things, but the dry-fit looks like it should be awesome!

  2. Send me a pic when it's done. I'd love to see it!

  3. Here's a WIP for you!