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Monday, February 9, 2015

Finally Some Priming + Real World Responsibilities

OMG...  the weather was amazingly nice outside today.  Warmish and dry...  perfect weather for priming.  I was able to get quite a few things primed up.  I now have enough to get me through the next couple of months and you guys should start seeing more painting work in progress shots.

Here is a sample of some of the things I primed up...  mostly terrain related in this shot.

Various bits of primed terrain

My local gaming store shut down a while ago and decent terrain has been hard to come by.  I made some cork and sand scatter terrain.  I'm going to paint that up and also paint up the Necron like sand castle thing (in the picture above and from previous posts).  Lastly, there's a crashed Aquila Lander in there.  I have a second from the auction I went to a couple of weeks ago.  This one was salvaged from a GW store demo table that was being thrown away.

In other news, I have a major certification test coming up at work in three weeks.  I'm still going to post three times a week, but some of the posts may be less than exciting.  That's the main reason you're seeing lots of terrain bits and bobs above.  They're easy as crap to paint.  Lots of drybrushing!  I'll likely post a full blown scatter terrain tutorial at some point over the next several weeks.

What the certification does mean is that I'll be studying...  lots and lots and lots.  If I don't pass the test, I can't keep my job.  So, it's immensely important that I do well.  It shouldn't be terrible.  It's an industry standard test and everyone in my role in the entire US has to pass it.  I'm probably more worried than I ought to be, but that's better than not being worried enough.  Wish me luck!  The test date is 2/27, so after that I should be pretty relaxed.