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Monday, August 14, 2017

3D Printed Deck/Graveyard Holder

I play a lot of games that have relatively small decks.  The Arkham Horror and Star Wars LCGs are two that pop into mind.  I saw someone online did a laser cut acrylic deck thing and I decided to try to make something similar with the 3D printer.

First, I designed the thing in Sketchup and exported to an STL file.  Here it is in the 3D Builder app that comes with Windows.

The actual print took almost six hours, but resulted in exactly what I wanted...

The green deck in the pictures is a 30 card deck.  I think I'd have to make the posts a little taller to accommodate a 60 card deck.  That'll be Mk3.  Mk1 was a failure.  The above is Mk2.