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Monday, April 25, 2011

Forget the Lamenters... Sons of Dorn!!!

After reading the first part of Ben Counter's Phalanx, I've decided to go with an Imperial Fists army.  This allows me to paint the yellow army that I want to paint, but also allows me to use any of the off shoot chapters.  In reading all of the fluff, it always strikes me that any chapter based on the old Imperial Fists Legion seems a little more focused on their connection to their Primarch and to the other chapters.  For instance, you never really read about the various Dark Angels off shoots coming together to honor The Lion.  It might happen, but you never read about it.  Reading about how all these different Imperial Fists chapters come together to defend Rogal Dorn's honor and testify against a fallen chapter (The Soul Drinkers) is kind of cool.

Also...  I painted a Rhino Golden Yellow.  Lamenters are more of a mustard color.  I don't want to change things.  I'm that lazy!