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Monday, April 25, 2011

Some WIP Pics

Hey all...

Just thought I'd put up some Work In Progress photos of my soon to be Imperial Fists.  First up is the Rhino I mentioned.  I haven't done any of the highlighting yet, but the basecoat and the tactical arrow are both done.

I used an airbrush to get the tactical arrow to have nice crisp lines.  It was my first try at doing it with an airbrush, and I feel it was pretty successful.  I still need to highlight it and clean up the edges a little, but I think this sort of detail adds to the tank.

Next up are the beginnings of the first Tactical Squad.  I bought some IKEA cork trivets (heat pads) to pull apart and use for basing material.  The 3 pack was only $3.  Cheap stuff if you have an IKEA close by.  Here is what they look like with enough cork pulled out to base 10 guys to give you an idea of how much cork it is.

Here are the legs on the bases.  It's taking me awhile as I had to pin into the legs, through the cork and into the base on all the models.  Otherwise, the cork can come apart.  This pinning takes time, but makes all the difference in the long run.

I'll post more pictures as I get more work done.  My plan is to have the troops assembled and base coated by the end of the week.