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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Imperial Fists WIP

I did some more work today on the first Imperial Fists Tactical Squad.  They are completely assembled.  I gave the Sarge a Plasma Pistol and a Power Fist (seemed appropriate given the Chapter).  One marine has a missile launcher.  I modeled him with the missile launcher kind of hanging on his shoulder and a bolt pistol in his off hand.  I did this because I always forget they all have bolt pistols during assaults!  The other weapon will either be a flamer or a meltagun.  I haven't decided yet.  None of the standard troops have bolters (or flamer/meltagun) yet so I can paint the chest eagles more easily.

More pics tomorrow after I prime the models.  The weather sucked today and I don't feel like priming with my airbrush today.