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Friday, April 22, 2011

Incoming: Lamenters

I've finally decided on which Space Marine Chapter to work on next.  I've been a fan of the Blood Angels codex since it came out, but I'm not really a fan of the Blood Angels themselves.  Additionally, I've just recently acquired an airbrush, so my options for basecoating models have recently expanded.  I've decided to do a small force of Lamenters.  They have a really cool back story and look absolutely stunning on the table.

This morning I basecoated an assembled rhino with ColorPlace Flat White Primer.  It sells for 96 cents a can at your local Wal-Mart and works like a champ.  I find pretty much any white primer will work so long as you make short bursts from about 10 inches away.  Today wasn't humid, so no issues there.  I sprayed the model fully from above, but not so much from below.  Once finished, the model was fully white wherever the light would hit and a little darker from below where the shadows would be.  I guess you would call this a basic Zenithal highlighting basecoat.  Afterwards I used the airbrush to spray on a coat of GW Golden Yellow.  It came out pretty well.  A quick drybrush over the entire model of GW Skull White provides all the highlights I'm likely to put on a tank.  I did do some masking and put a black tactical arrow on the top hatch.  I'll post some pictures later when I get a little more of the detail work done.