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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Commander Farsight Counts-As

I bought one of the new Finecast Commander Farsight models and was very pleased with it.

I cleaned it.

I assembled it.

I primed it.

I put it in my hot car...


So I decided to make a newer, faster, stronger and most importantly, more durable O'Shovah.  I wanted to keep the same pose, but also to upscale the model about 30%.  As is, the model is about the same size as the older Crisis Suits.  He's a little smaller than the new Commander Crisis Suit.  I needed to fix that.  I did decide to keep the pose though.

There will be more pictures as I paint this guy.

First, one for scale context.

Counts As Commander Farsight Scale Context

Front View

Rear View

Bitchin' Tabard (from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue)