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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Games Workshop in Olney MD

Today is field trip day!

Myself, my buddy Steve and his girlfriend are running down to Olney, MD today to visit the store I used to run and that my friend Josh now runs.

I have a bad habit of not bringing enough stuff to keep myself occupied and since we're going to be there for 8 full hours, I've made a list.

1. My Farsight Bomb army for playing against Steve.
2. My Blood Angels Codex for making a Blood Angels allied force for my Tau.
3. A ton of Blood Angels and Librarian bitz to use for the Librarian leader of my HQ team.
4. An unopened box of Sternguard.
5. Everything I need to base, prime and paint the 18 Drones that still need to be finished before October 4th (exactly 13 days from today).
6. All my tools and whatnot for hobbying and converting things.

My plan is to buy whatever I need for my Blood Angels allies while I'm there.  Most likely, this will be an Assault Squad or two.

Should be fun.  I'll try to remember to take pictures of the battle.