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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tau Terrain using a Scribing Tool

I went to Lowes yesterday and bought some parts that I thought would make a cool little piece of Tau themed terrain.  My intention is to paint it the same as my army and bring it with me when I play so I don't have to look at Imperial terrain everywhere.

I also bought a Scribing Tool from Lowes, which is just a big hardware store if you don't have them in your area.


It looks basically like a pen, but the point is incredibly sharp and can be used to scratch pretty much anything.  I used it to scratch lines into the top of this tower to make it look like a giant drone.  I won't know how well it worked until I pain the sucker, but I'm optimistic.

Tau Tower WIP - The pumpkins are not gonna stay there.

Hard to see, but the lines are scribed in right now.