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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Puretide Bomb Practice Game

I played a game against a new friend met at a Games Workshop tonight.

My new pal Ilir brought his Necron Army to fight my Puretide Bomb.  I don't know that I can replicate his list exactly here, but I'll try.

He had, approximately:

Imhotek the Stormlord
3x Crypteks
3x 10 man Necron Warrior Squads
3x Flying Croissant Dedicated Transports
2x Flying Croissants with Death Rays
1x Monolith

I had my Puretide Bomb:
Farsight, 7 bodyguards with assorted weapons, Shadowsun, 14 Gun Drones
2 Broadsides w/4 Missile Drones
2 Sky Rays
2x 6 man Fire Warrior "Filler" units

I deployed first, but he stole the initiative.

Turn 1.
Imhotek's lightning got lucky and exploded one of my two Skyrays.  Other than that, not much happened.  I think he shot and killed 2 or 3 gun drones.

My go I moved the bomb forward and killed about 20 warriors, 2 crypteks and wounded Imhotek between all my shooting.

Turn 2.
He brought on one death ray croissant and one transport croissant.  I killed the death ray one with interceptor fire from the Broadsides.  He killed another couple of gun drones and scored a glancing hit on the remaining Skyray.

I killed the transport croissant and killed Imhotek, who promptly stood back up.  I also killed more of his warriors.

Turn 3.
Another death ray and transport croissant pair came in.  (I wish I could remember the names of these things.  I feel like I'm being passively insulting to Necron players.)  Interceptor fire glanced the death ray one, but didn't kill it.  He put it to good use and between all his shooting killed some more gun drones and a total of 3 crisis suits.

On my turn I killed the death ray, the rest of the warriors and the crypteks.

We had to call it there as the store was closing.  We got started fairly late and the amazingly accomodating manager let us play through the extra turn so that we had a decent game.  We called it at the end of the 3rd turn with me having 9 victory points and him having 1.  Not bad.

Another victory for the Puretide Bomb.