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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Inquisitorial Abhuman Henchmen

I decided that I wanted something a little different for my Inquisitor's Henchmen Squad.  I decided that this Inquisitor would go with abhuman henchmen for whatever reason.  I'm starting out with Beastmen and might end up adding some Squats/Ratlings to be shooters.

Here are a couple of quick photos.

The ones with two hand weapons will be Death Cult Assassins and the ones with shields are Crusaders.  The standard bearer guy is a Ministorum Preacher.  I added Ravenwing Shoulderpads that will all be the same Red and Ivory as the Inquisitor's robes.  I happened to have a ton of these shoulderpads laying around, so I decided these Beastmen could be from a "Winged Blade" tribe or something.  I also added a bunch of little pouches and grenades, etc. to make them look a little more grimdark.

Group Shot

Group Shot Showing Shoulderpads

The Lead Crusader

For Color Comparison

The Four Crusaders - The Skull Pad is the Crusaders' Leader