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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sanctus Reach : Stormclaw Details

Hello all!

This is something pretty awesome.  Games Workshop is putting out what I can only assume is the first in a series of army versus army campaign boxes in the Sanctus Reach line.  Sanctus Reach, if you're not aware, is Warhammer 40k's new campaign series.

So, this first box set is called Sanctus Reach : Stormclaw and features the mighty Space Wolves versus the mean, green fightin' machines...  the Orks!

I'm going to run down the details of what we know and then make a couple of comments and obervations.

First...  what is in the box?  This is what we know for sure.  The following models are included in the box:

The Ork Half

The Space Wolf Half
The Ork contigent consists of a special new Warboss model known as Warboss Grukk and the contents of a box of Killa Kans, a box of Nobz and a box of Gretchin.

The Space Wolves consist of a new Wolf Lord named Dragongaze and the contents of a SW Terminator box and a SW Power Armoured dudes box.

These are NOT snap fit models!

We'll also be getting a mini version of the rules and a campaign book.

So what's it worth?  What are the numbers?  The price will be 125 USD, which is an amazing deal.  Let's add things up.

  • Killa Kans 46.25 USD
  • Gretchin 16.50 USD
  • Nobz 25.00 USD
  • SW Termies 50.00 USD
  • SW Grey Hunters 37.25 USD
  • SW Wolf Lord 25.00 USD (estimate)
  • Ork Warboss 25.00 USD (estimate)
  • Small Rulebook 25.00 USD (estimate based on eBay 6th edition prices)
  • Campaign Book - includes rules and multiple formations/datasheets.  I'm gonna estimate this as being worth 3 copies of White Dwarf, so 12 USD
This comes out to a total of approximately 262 USD worth of value.  At 135 USD, this is a phenomenal deal.  Also, keep in mind that since the majority of these models AREN'T push fit, you'll have tons of leftover bits and buying multiple copies will give you a true variation in poses.

I for one can't wait for this.  I'll be making a preorder as soon as they go live and might end up buying multiple copies.  You can always use more of everything in the box and I'm excited by the prospect of Space Wolf formations and new HQ datasheets for both armies.

Lastly, this makes me strongly think that there will be a new Space Wolf codex sooner than later.