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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Plans for the Next Few Weeks

So, it looks like Codex: Skitarii is going to start coming out this weekend...  for preorder, anyways.  I'm very excited about this.  It looks like week 1 will feature a dual kit, 10 man box and a dual kit walker.  I'll likely pick up one of each for now.  I don't want to go crazy until I see what the rest of the kits look like and how they all fit together.

One nice thing that is also supposedly coming out for preorder this weekend is a spray can of Leadbelcher.  This is going to dramatically help with basecoating my Necrons.  It will especially help with basecoating the vehicles.  In light of this impending release, I'm not going to do any painting for the next week or so.  Instead, I'm playing on doing some assembly work.

By 4/3, I should have the following assembled and ready to receive some paint.

1. 2x Night Scythes (1x assembled now)
2. 1x Doom Scythe
3. 6x Wraiths (assembled now)
4. 5x Destroyers (2x assembled now)
5. 2x Annihilation Barges (1x assembled now)

That's the plan anyways.  Depending on how life goes, I may not be able to get it all put together.  I'm thinking it's doable though.

And in honor of me working on the Necrons for now while the AdMech waits a bit...