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Monday, June 22, 2015

Ad Mech Terrain Treasure Trove

I'm going to be working on some terrain soon to go with the Ad Mech theme.  I'll be starting with a couple of small objective markers.  I want these to look real techy, so I decided I needed some good bits.

Enter my mom's old laptop...

...which I totally ripped apart, discarded the case and held onto all the good bits.  The really big items, like the keyboard, won't be useful for 40k projects (more on that in a second), but all the circuit boards should be good to break up and so small computer consoles with.  This sort of thing...

...will work great as a bit of detail.  Add in some guitar wires to represent cabling and I think this will work out just fine.  I also got a whole array of very small screws that will actually be the perfect size to add to Ork and Ad Mech conversion projects.  All in all, it was a good find.

As to the keyboard...

The plan is to find an old briefcase or similar and add a sort of 'doomsday' electronic panel inside.  Keyboard, handprint scanner, switches...  that sort of thing.  It'll end up with additional storage for the various rule books.  I just think it'll make a cool hobby 'artifact'.  I'll be going to various thrift stores looking for the perfect case this week.

Lastly, my Foldio showed up and is at the rental office for my apartment complex.  Expect some cool photos on Wednesday (assuming this foldout light box works properly).