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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chaos Dreadhold

The new Age of Sigmar releases just keep on coming.  This next one looks amazing, but I'm not sure it's in my price range.  Check this out...

This is the full blown Chaos Dreadhold.  It looks amazing.  I would love to have one of these to game with, but it really seems like it would dominate a gaming table.  It looks to be about 4'x4' based on the table it's sitting on.

This thing does come in pieces though.

First up is the Skull Keep for 75 USD.  It contains the taller tower structure with 2 different door designs and a little side balcony.

Next is the Overlord Bastion for 130 USD.  This contains a Skull Keep, so let's say everything I'm going to list next makes up the extra 55 USD.  It also contains an additional tower block, which I'm interpreting as the top half of a Skull Keep, one stairway, one wall section and one wall end.

Next is the Malefic Gate for 100 USD.  This contains one gate, two wall sections and a "bridge to damnation".  I'm sure that last bit is just coated in skulls.

Lastly is a Fortress Wall for 25 USD.  This is direct order only and appears to just be a flat additional wall section.  The tops look cool.  Below is a bird's eye view showing all the skulls.  This thing screams Khorne.

This is my guess as to the breakdown of the parts and cost of the very first picture in the post...

4 Overlord Bastions, a Skull Keep, 10 Wall Sections and 1 Malefic Gate.  Grand Total... 945 USD.  Well done GW.