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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Adeptus Titanicus - Secutarii Hoplites

I bought these guys a while ago, but never got around to putting them together.  They're a hybrid plastic/resin kit made by Forgeworld.  They're sort of AdMech, but not really.  From a technical game standpoint in 7th Edition, they were Adeptus Titanicus faction and could only be fielded as an Elites unit in a Skitarii Battle Maniple Detachment.

I'm assuming that they'll be more generically available in 8th Edition.  My plan is to get these sanded and primed sometime over the next several days, weather permitting.

I dig the new backpacks.

Assembling these guys left me with two full sets of weapons and heads...  Ranger and Vanguard, plus all the special weapons.  To use them, I ordered 10 sets of legs and bodies from Anvil Industries.  I went with hazardous environment suits and short greatcoat legs.  I saw a picture on DakkaDakka and decided to replicate the effect.  Here's the pic I found...

The model on the left is what I'll be making.  I think it fits the aesthetic of the army pretty well.  They're a hair shorter than regular Skitarii, but I think that's going to work out just fine.  The real goal is to just bulk up the army with some unique looking troops.  The bodies, incidentally, have a pretty cool backpack setup...

More to come...

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