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Monday, May 1, 2017

Star Wars X-Wing Repaint

My friends and I started a Star Wars X-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster last Friday.  It became apparent almost immediately that we were going to lose track of which X-Wing was which.  To fix this, I decided to paint up one of my T-70 X-Wings.  Ignore the base.  I realize it's from the wrong ship.  I just grabbed a random base.

We all start out with the older T-65s, but my plan is to upgrade to a T-70 as soon as possible.  The progression will go something like this...
  • Start out with a T-65 and 5 XP in the bank.
  • (4 XP left) Spend 1 XP for an R2 Astromech.
  • (2 XP left) Spend 2 XP for Vectored Thrusters.
  • (4 XP needed) Spend 6 XP to upgrade to PS3.
  • (7 XP needed) Spend 3 XP for Push the Limit.
  • (15 XP needed) Spend 8 XP to upgrade to PS4.
  • (20 XP needed) Spend 5 XP to upgrade to a T-70 X-Wing, gaining a better maneuver dial, a boost action and an extra shield.
  • (22 XP needed) Spend 2 XP for a Pattern Analyzer.
It'll take a total of 22 XP to get to where I want to be.  After out intro mission, I have the original 5 XP I started with plus an extra 5 XP.  That means I have the R2 Astromech, the Vectored Thrusters and I'm at PS3.

The goal is to have a ship with the durability and firepower of an X-Wing combined with the maneuverability of a TIE Interceptor.  I'll have one open Modification slot as well as an open Torpedo slot.  My thought process for the rest of the campaign is as follows...
  • (25 XP needed) Spend 3 XP for a Stealth Device.
  • (35 XP needed) Spend 10 XP to upgrade to PS5.
  • (38 XP needed) Spend 3 XP for Predator.
  • (50 XP needed) Spend 12 XP to upgrade to PS6.
  • (54 XP needed) Spend 4 XP for Shield Upgrade.
  • etc.
It's going to take a bunch of weeks to get where I want to be, but I think this is my clear progression.