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Monday, June 19, 2017

Primaris Space Marines

I ended up going to my local gaming store for a midnight release of Warhammer 40k 8th Edition.  I had sort of committed to not buying anything, but that didn't work out even a little bit.

I ended up splitting a box with another dude and paid $60 for the Primaris half of a core set, but no rulebook.  I have a copy of the free core rules and the half a dozen other pages I'd need to play matched play from the Russian leaks.  I did pick up the Imperium 2 and Xenos 1 books so that I can add non-Space Marine units to my newly acquired Primaris Marines and also my Necrons.

I took a NASTY fall down some steps over the weekend, so I ended up spending all of Sunday on the couch.  I figured I'd assemble a coupe of the new models...

...and then the rest of them...

...and then I'd sand the bases...

...and then I'd drill out the bolters...

...and then I'd prime them.

Yup.  I built, based, drilled and primed over a thousand points of new models today.  Now to decide on what color to paint them!

When I drill out the weapon barrels, I use the little scribing tool on the left to make a small indent into the center of the barrel.  Then I use the small or large drill, depending on the barrel size.  It's a small detail, but it helps.

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