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Monday, June 5, 2017

Some Painting!

My buddy Kevin asked me if I could paint up some Infinity models for him.  These models tend to be pretty spindly and the box art is unreasonably beautiful with things like wet blended non-metallic metal on a 2 mm piece of armor.  I offered to paint one model, and then if he was happy, paint the rest.

This is what I'm trying to replicate without going crazy...

I think I did an OK job.  Kevin seemed pretty happy and we're going to talk about painting the rest in a week or two.  This will be my first actual commission in a while.  I realize the base is crazy sloppy.  It's just there for some contrast.  I have no idea how he wants the bases.

The Paint Scheme...

Armor - Base Fenrisian Grey, Wash Drakenhof Nightshade, Drybrush Fenrisian Grey, Drybrush Pallid Wych Flesh
Cloth - Base Inner Areas Zadri Dust, Base Outer Areas Straken Green, Wash Athonian Camoshade
Face - Base Bugman's Glow, Highlight Kislev Flesh, Was Reikland Fleshshade
Hair - Baneblade Brown
Guns - Base Eshin Grey, Drybrush Codex Grey
Red Spots - Evil Sunz Scarlet
Base - Base Zandri Dust, Base Rim Black
Testor's Clear Coat Varnish Spray