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Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowpocalypse + Tyranids

So, we got about 18 inches of snow on Saturday.  That was fun.  Normally, being snowed in would equate to tons of hobby work.  Not so this past weekend.  I did the following.

1. Shoveled out my car (it was in a snow drift ~3ft high)
2. Shoveled out the wife's car (it was in a snow drift ~3ft high)
3. Shoveled out the neighbor's car (it was in a snow drift ~3ft high)
...freaking snow drifts
4. Gutted my bedroom.
5. Gutted every closet in the place.
6. Threw out NINE full bags of garbage.  Seriously, I have something like 40 pillow cases.  Who needs that?
7. Prepped four big storage bins of stuff to donate to Goodwill and local women's shelters.  I don't have the room, but a lot of what I wanted to get rid of still has value to someone.

I also made some pretty epic meals.  Smoked Paprika Tilapia and Beef & Broccoli.  Boom.  +2 to my Cooking Skill.  I'll get that Chef Title in no time.  (I'm somewhere around Kitchen Urchin right now.)

BUT...  did I do any hobby work?

Yup, a little.  I have MOST of a Tyrannocyte assembled as well as the Mucolid Spore Cluster and 6 regular Spores that come with the kit.  If you follow the directions, you can't assemble both the Tyrannocyte and the Mucolid.  This is because they share the same tentacles that they stand on.  These are absolutely essential for the Mucolid, but really just look like decoration for the Tyrannocyte.  My intent is to make it look like it's crashing down onto a piece of an Imperial building.

Here's photographic evidence that I was semi-productive from a hobby standpoint.  This is actually a pretty massive kit.  First up is a shot showing the top half of Tyrannocyte and the Mucolid in comparison to our friendly Soul Drinkers Marine.

Next up is everything from the kit so far.  The weird round thing is the bottom half of the Tyrannocite.  I'll probably not glue it on so that I can use the Tyrannocyte as a Sporocyst sometimes.

More to come!  Hopefully the next update will have a fancy base for this Tyranid "I'm totally not a Drop Pod" Drop Pod.