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Friday, January 29, 2016

Space Wolves Wulfen + Curse of the Wulfen Campaign

There were some blurry pics out there of a possible Wulfen sighting and then BOOM...  we've got a German language datasheet to look at.

These guys look absolutely amazing to me.  The unit starts out as 5 Wulfen for 150 points.  You can upgrade one of them to a Pack Leader for 20 points.  This gets him a set of two Frost Claws.  I don't know what those are, but based on the picture, using them involves going into a bitchin' Karate Kid pose.

Looks like they can also run and charge in the same turn and MAYBE get some free rerolls to their attacks?  My German is crap.  My wife speaks it fluently, but has no idea what any of the rules mean.  When I ask her to translate, it's always sort of vague...  "This unity can run and...  rush at someone in sort of a menacing way? during the same period of time.  They can get to redo their rushing rolls?"  I love my wife!

I can't wait for the proper White Dwarf to come out so that I can get an English copy of these rules.  These guys are just too awesome looking.  Here are the OLD, long out of print previous Wulfen models for comparison.  The new ones really highlight the bestial nature of these marines more so than the old ones did.