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Monday, September 19, 2016

First Age of Sigmar Tournament

On Saturday, I participated in a 1000 point Age of Sigmar tournament at Showcase Comics in Swarthmore, PA.  It was the first such event there since the General's Handbook was released.  The rules were Matched Play, 1000 points, with traits and relics randomly selected.  Terrain was preset and we weren't using mysterious terrain or sudden death rules.

It was a ton of fun.

My list was as follows...

  • Verminlord Corruptor
  • Congregation of Filth
    • Plague Furnace
    • 20 Plague Monks
    • 20 Plague Monks
  • Plagueclaw

The first round, I went up against an absolutely beautifully painted Stormcast Eternals army.  If I recall correctly, he had 2x 5-man Liberators, 2x 3-man Prosecutors, a 5-man Judicators, 5 of whatever the Retributors with the long glaives are called, a Lord-Celestant and a Lord-Castellant.  My Plague Monks rolled into his front line and laid waste to the army.  I had gotten the trait that gives +1 to hit against order, so with my buffs, the Plague Monks had 4 attacks each with re-rollable 3s to hit and re-rollable 4s to wound.  It was a brutal battle, with the rats swarming over the Stormcast.  The game ended in a Major Victory as two lone Judicators watched my army claim both objectives.

The second round wasn't nearly as good.  I played against a Sylvaneth army.  I'm pretty sure the army was a Spirit of Durthu, 3x 10-man Dryads and 2x Branch Wyches.  My Plagueclaw completely wiped out 20 Dryads over the first two turns.  The rats then killed the other 10 plus the Branch Wyches.  Durthu then proceeded to dismantle my army, killing every last model.  If I recall corrrectly, I lost one rat to the Dryads and 3 rats to a charge into a Wyldwood.  Every other last model was killed by Durthu.  Around mid game, I would have won, but Durthu saved 27 of 28 wounds in one combat.  He has a 3+ native, but had +1 for being in a Wyldwood and also had a 6+ "ward save".  It was insane.  The game was close enough that it came down to a single dice roll (or two).  The Plagueclaw and Durthu were the last two models on the board.  The Plagueclaw took a shot and Durthu saved it with a 4+.  If he'd rolled a 3, I would have rolled damage.  A 4+ would have killed Durthu.  He scored a major victory, but I could easily have done so.

The last round was also pretty close.  My opponent was playing Nurgle Daemons.  He had a Great Unclean One, 2x 10-man Nurgle Daemon Troop guys and 2x 3-man flying nurgle fly rider daemon guys.  I totally don't know their names.  Since both of us were Nurgle, half of our abilities didn't work.  My rats stayed true to form and were brutal on the charge.  My issue is that the subsequent rounds of combat aren't as effective.  All (I think) of his models had 5+ "ward saves", so making wounds stick was hard.  We ended up running out of time with him claiming a minor victory.

All told, it was a ton of fun.  The store will be hosting a 1500 point tournament sometime in November.  As a "prize" or thanks for participating, we were all allowed to purchase anything Age of Sigmar related for 20% off.  I picked up a Start Collecting Clans Pestilens box for the 500 point expansion.  Hopefully I'll be able to get everything painted this time.