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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Possible Alliance with Clan Skyre

I'm pretty happy with the state of my Clans Pestilens army at 1000 points, but am not quite sure where to go from there.  I had originally thought about just adding more Plague Monks as they seem to be pretty effective, but I think I want to branch out a little.  Adding anything other than Clans Pestilens breaks my Battleline choices, so I'll need to add three units of something that is Battleline regardless of Allegiance.  If I stick with the Skaven theme, that pretty much means Clanrats.  Fortunately, I already own Clanrats and they're relatively cheap at 10 for 60 points.  That means I only have to pay a 120 point "Battleline Tax" to be able to break out.

But what to go with?

I'm thinking these guys...

They are amazing in game.  One of the builds you can do is to give them an 8" range missile weapon.  The weapon doesn't roll to hit or wound and has no rend or damage stats.  You simply point at a unit in range and deal 2D3 mortal wounds per shooting Stormfiend.  I think this is going to be my Durthu/Terrorgeist assassination squad.  They're pricey at 300 points for 3 models, but have 6 wounds each and a 4+ save.  I think they'll be sticking around long enough to do their jobs.

They'll need a suitable leader.  The old metal Ikit Claw model is still available and looks amazing.  I've seen some great conversions, but this model still stands tall despite being somewhat old.

I'm thinking that my list would look something like this...

  • General - Verminlord Corruptor (240 points)
  • Battalion - Pestilent Clawpack (80 points) (800 points total)
    • Plague Furnace (220 points)
    • Plague Priest (80 points)
    • Plague Monks x20 (140 points)
    • Plague Monks x20 (140 points)
    • Plague Monks x20 (140 points)
  • Meatshield, err...  Verminus Division
    • Clanrats x10 (60 points)
    • Clanrats x10 (60 points)
    • Clanrats x10 (60 points)
  • Skyre Crew
    • Arch-Warlock (140 points)
    • Stormfiends x3 (300 points)
  • Moulder Muscle Twins
    • Brood Horror (120 points)
    • Brood Horror (120 points)
    • Wolf Rats x5 (100 points)
That's a tidy 2000 points exactly.  The Pestilent Clawpack gives me these two abilities in addition to giving me an extra relic...

  • Enthusiastic Vectors of the Foulest Contagions: Whenever you make a wound roll of 6 or more for a model in a Pestilent Clawpack, that wound immediately begins to fester and rot – it inflicts double the damage it normally would.
  • Filth-sodden Pack-nest: After you have set up your force, pick a terrain feature within 13" of at least two units from the Pestilent Clawpack. That terrain feature is befouled. Units from this battalion automatically pass battleshock tests if they are in or on any such terrain. Roll a dice for all other units that start the hero phase in or on befouled terrain; on a 1, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds (Nurgle units never suffer mortal wounds as the result of this ability).
The first ability will really help my Plague Monks deal more damage.  The second will help with this...  

That's right...  a Sylvaneth Wyldwood is a single terrain feature, regardless of how many bases it's made from AND it doesn't specify MY hero phase.  It's just any hero phase.  So, this could happen twice per game turn.  Mwahahahahaha.  

Suck it, Spirit of Durthu.