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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Runewars is Awesome!

I got to play a couple of 100 point (roughly half sized) games of Runewars over the weekend with my buddy Jon.  I took some photos of the start of each turn as well as game end so that I can show everyone how it works.

Apologies for the glare.  I should have taken the other seat.

I played the Waiqar dudes and Jon played the Daqan dudes.  Ardus, a big block of Reanimates with a Carrion Lancer inside and some Archers for me.  Kari, a big block of Spearmen and two Rune Golems for John.  Terrain placement sort of boned me, so I deployed in a "sit and wait" deployment.

Round 1 just saw lots of moving forward.  Kari jumped into the terrain piece.

End of Round 1
I took the bait and charged in to fight Kari in her terrain stronghold.  She wiped a tray when she fought me.

End of Round 2
Kari hopped out the back and I got flank charged on the one side by the Golems.  Ardus slammed into the Spearmen and killed a full tray between his attack and a morale check.

End of Round 3
The Rune Golems are devastating.  Between my Reanimates and the Archers, one Rune Golem went down.

End of Round 4
Round 5 was mostly ineffective fighting and the heroes running back into the battle.  Ardus had to turn around first.

End of Round 5
More ineffective fighting and heroes running.

End of Round 6
Getting closer. Kari took a pot shot and killed two Archers.

End of Round 7
Ardus successfully charged...

Middle of Round 8, before Ardus's and Kari's attacks
...and killed off the last Rune Golem.  Kari killed off the last of the Archers.

End of Round 8
We were playing the bounty mission.  I ended up with 114 points versus Jon's 113.  It was a narrow victory, but I'll take it.  I think with one more round, I could have wiped Kari.