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Monday, October 26, 2015

Battle Report - AdMech Skitarii/Officio Assassinorum/Space Marine Scouts vs. Necrons

I played my very first game using the AdMech forces I've been painting over the weekend.  It was a ton of fun, but the army didn't do particularly well.

My army was as such...

Space Marines Combined Arms Detachment (Primary)
Techmarine (Warlord)
Scout Sergeant Telion
10 man Scout Squad w/Sniper Rifles and a Missile Launcher
5 man Scout Squad w/Bolt Pistol and CCW riding in a Land Speeder Storm
1 Drop Pod (for the Arc Rangers below)

Officio Assassinorum Detachment
Vindicare Assassin

Skitarii Battle Maniple Detachment
10 man Rangers Squad w/2 Arquebuses
5 man Rangers Squad w/2 Arc Rifles and an Arc Pistol
6 man Vanguard Squad w/2 Plasma Calivers
5 man Sicarian Infiltrators Squad
5 man Sicarian Ruststalkers Squad
1 Sydonian Dragoon
1 Onager Dunecrawler
1 Plasma Obliterator

The Skitarii elements were actually pretty solid.  The Dragoon and both Sicarian units were rock stars.  The Sicarians held up 6 Wraiths and 10 of the jump Necrons for basically the entire game.  They would have chewed through softer units.  The Wraiths having a 3++ is a killer.

The real issue with my list was that the Space Marines, the Vindicare and the Plasma Obliterator were almost entirely useless.  I don't think any of them made their points back.  As much as I want sniper rifles to be useful, they just aren't.  The Vindicare has less than a 50% chance of doing a wound, assuming you stay away from Hellfire rounds.  That's not very good for a 150 point model.  The Plasma Oblit clocks in at 230 and MAYBE made it's points back.

I need to rethink the Space Marine elements.  I think I might be far better off using Tau Empire as allies until I can invest in a larger AdMech army.  I love the idea of the Conclave formation, but that would entail buying an Imperial Knight as well as about 6 boxes of Cult Mechanicus.  I might end up going that route, but only if I can find a way to save up and afford it.  I have so many unfinished projects, that I've cut my hobby budget back pretty dramatically.